Our Story

Does this sound familiar?

You want easy access to clean and fresh water for your family, but you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on single-use water bottles or have to run to the water store and lug home heavy gallons of water every week. You don’t know what pollutants and contaminants are coming straight out of the tap water, but don’t have the budget to call a professional plumber to come in and install a fancy filtration system. You’ve tried to install a filter system yourself, but find it very time consuming and difficult.

This story is all too familiar to GWS founder, Steve.

Steve started GWS for a simple reason: he wanted to make drinking clean water accessible to everyone.

Over the past 20 years, GWS has made this vision possible for thousands of families, and every day, we aim to help more people achieve this goal. Clean, healthy, and fresh water for all!

To let you drink clean and safe water whenever needed, make it easy to keep your family healthy while at home.

We are your friends and neighbors greeting you timely, we are a teacher who solve your problem of water resources.

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